Behind The Canvas: Meaghan Coles

Meghan Coles

We love our artwork here at CLIQUE Mag and are always on the hunt for amazing artists, showcasing their talent to the world. Well we’ve put down our hunting gear to bring you artist Meaghan Coles. Dabbling in the beautiful world of colour, Meaghan illustrates amazing portraits and gives them a twist with graffiti-like writing surrounding the faces.

We caught up with this talented artist to see what goes on behind the canvas, and to pick her creative brain.

Meghan Coles

Q: So Meaghan, tell us, where do you get your inspiration?
I get all my inspiration from popular imagery, magazines, advertisements, plus the beauty and fashion industry.

Q: We notice you use a lot of tools to create your artwork. What exactly do you use?
I use predominantly oil paints but also like to play around with spray paint, acrylic, pen, ink etc.

I often also use resin, which creates a think layer of varnish.  More recently I have been playing around with painting in-between each layer of resin creating a 3D effect with the paint.

Q: And what is the favourite artwork you have created?​
Oh I don’t think I have a favourite.  I really love the resin pieces though!

Q: Fair call! So how long does each artwork generally take?
It always depends on the size and layers.  I spend a bit of time just creating backgrounds, colour combinations, and abstract techniques with no final artwork in mind.  I often have these lying around the studio ready for when I need a surface to create an oil painting.  I like to have all my skin colours mixed before I start painting which can take a bit of time, mixed from dark to light, warm to cool.  I also need drying time between painting layers, building a painting up layer by layer.  So it always depends!

Q: And tell us, what’s next for you now?
I also work as a photographer so I am always busy with that; it keeps my creative eye active always exploring compositions.

I have a show booked in Melbourne opening on the 7th June, so I am currently busy working towards that.

Meghan Coles
Meghan Coles

Amazing work Meaghan! Don’t forget to check out Meaghan’s latest work here.

All images and artwork provided by Meaghan Coles.